Prepare the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Chemistry professor Andy Brueningon has a website Compound Interest and there he clarifies how chemistry affects our lives and one of his tips is :
– what to do and what to avoid while preparing the perfect cup of coffee.

A good cup of coffee should never be bitter and the bitterness of the coffee comes from chlorogenic acids in dark blends.

A study published in 1997 was made on this subject and researchers found that the bitterness can be reduced if in this dark fluid is added a little salt.

The proportion of water and coffee

– first, look at the proportion of coffee and water during digestion
– too much water will dilute the taste of real coffee
– too little water will highlight the bitterness of this liquid
– best is 60 grams of coffee per liter of water or 16 ml water on one gram of coffee or seven grams of coffee for espresso.

Digestion of coffee

– the coffee passes through three stages of extracting the flavor
– first extracted the fruit acids
– the second comprises earthworks “caramel” substances,
– the third covers the bitter elements.
For Espresso coffee, the heated water should be in contact with the coffee for 30 seconds.

Water temperature

– ideal temperature would have to be 91 to 96 degrees Celsius
– coffee will ferment if the temperature is higher
– lower temperatures will not extract the required flavor.

Type of coffee and grinding

The best cooking techniques will not help you if you have coffee beans of poor quality.

Two-base type:
– robusta.

Arabica type is more convenient and has better taste
Robusta is packed with phenols and sulfur and they make it strong with a taste of rubber coffee.

The perfect coffee should be ground just before digestion and excessive beans in a coffee grinder will hinder the recovery of all flavors of it.
The smaller ones after grinding will give too bitter powder so its necessary to strike a balance.

Simple trick :
If all your efforts fail to add sugar and milk to the coffee to neutralize the bitterness.

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Stay happy and beautiful.


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