Plant Tangerines in a Flowerpot and You Will Always Have Hundreds of Them

With an  beautiful aroma and exquisite flavor , tangerine is one of the most popular and delicious citric fruits.

Despite its incredibly tasty flavor, the tangerine offers various health benefits at the same time. These autumnal fruits boost the immune system, fight inflammations, promote the proper function of the lungs, and much more.

Yet, not many are aware of the fact that these fruits can be cultivated at home, in flowerpots or in the garden. We will provide all the needed information on how to grow your own tangerines at home.

How to make it:

Take medium- sized flowerpot with holes at the bottom for drainage.

Next,lace little stones on the bottom, and add organic soil for better drainage.

Also use a bit of sand for better ventilation.

Finally sow the tangerine seeds, cover don’t press and put it on some sunny place.

More tips:

How to take care of it:

Add a fertilizer high in magnesium, zinc, and iron from time to time.

When dry add water the tangerines. Cut the withered and broken branches.

When you gather your fruits, order gently and  enjoy in your  pesticide-free tangerines.


Keep things natural and organic …


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