Which mother have more successful children ???

Some of us have grown in families where the mother was strict and sometimes made the life a living hell. This constant trying to stay on top is difficult to bear.Expert claims that those mothers who are strict have more successful children. It has been hell then, you will end up thanking her for the way she treated you.

The professor from the University of Essex, E. Rascon, conducted a study.He  showed that mothers that are strict have more successful children. There were over 15,000 children that were analyzed, between 2004 and 2010, aged 13 to 14.

According to Rascon, “the measure of the expectations in this study reflects a combination of aspirations and beliefs about the likelihood of access to higher education declared by the majority of parents, in most cases the mother.”

The children, with mothers that had high expectationsare much more secure and confident. Daughters who had very persistent mothers have a lower chance by about 4% to get pregnant prematurely.

Children who had persistent mothers were much more likely to get a nice job and finish college. Although this may sound a bit unrealistic to you, but the mothers who are strict, demanding and nagging do have more successful children.

In plenty of the cases we have a success doing what our parents believe to be the most convenient choice for us, even against the parents. But, no matter how much we try to avoid our parents, any influence in a form of recommendation, subtle nudges about changing our future, we believe to be strongly personal.

Most of the children consider their mothers who are strict to be a true force of enemy, but we are the ones that assure you – putting up with that will help you in your life in the long run.

Even though your mother can make your life a living hell sometimes, you will definitely end up thanking her when you’ll grow enough to be considered an adult.

That’s when you will finally appreciate and recognize all the effort she put into raising you the right way, and you will then adopt her approach into raising your own children.


Live healthy and plain live …and please let us know what you think about this .


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