If You Want to Reduce Cholesterol Avoid These 10 Types Of Food

High cholesterol levels and heart disease are problems caused by unhealthy food that we love to eat  instead of  healthy diet .

Human organism needs cholesterol to produce some vital building blocks which enable the body to function properly like  hormones, Vitamin D, and substances that help you in food digestion but too much of it can have negative consequences and there are some foods we  eat that can add to your cholesterol levels,and  lead to health issues.

This  10 foods you should definitely avoid if you have a problem with increased level of cholesterol:


  • all American favorite meal
  • a busy workday or a lazy weekend just wouldn’t be the same without a freshly made burger
  • the beef patty is so versatile that it can be loaded up with everything and anything, including cheese, onions, bacon and other supplements packed with cholesterol
  • think twice before heading to your favorite fast food chain like  McDonald’s because one  Big Mac has 85 mg of cholesterol
  • the Classic Double with everything from Wendy’s  is loaded with 175 mg of cholesterol.


  • researchers now  say that it its high concentration of cholesterol
  • also it has a very negative influence on the human organism
  • some forms of margarine specifically the hard stick margarines were worse for the heart than butter
  • it contains  large amounts of trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils.
  • Harvard School of Public Health study on fats and cholesterol explains: “Since margarine was made from unsaturated vegetable oils, most people assumed it would be better for long-term health than butter, which was known to contain a lot of cholesterol and saturated fat. That assumption turned out to be wrong,”


  • there are many health benefits to consuming shellfish but people with heart disease or high cholesterol should avoid  them
  • three ounces of lobster contains 61 mg of cholesterol, and if you add the dipping in melted butter,  can double the cholesterol count.

Macaroni and Cheese

  • basic mac-and-cheese ingredients  are  whole milk, butter, and cheese
  • they are loaded with saturated fats and cholesterol,
  • regular intake of this food can cause more problems if you a have a high cholesterol level.

Ice Cream

  • one scoop of a frozen treat has more fat than a hamburger
  • it has more cholesterol than 10 glazed doughnuts

Fried Chicken

  • golden, crunchy, deep fried, and very  popular dish
  • chicken is often a go to menu item for people looking to chow down
  • consider opting for a more heart healthy chicken dish because fried chicken can be packed with more cholesterol than a hamburger

Egg Yolks

  • popular breakfast food, chicken eggs have a high cholesterol content
  • people with high cholesterol and heart disease were once told they should avoid eggs, the Mayoclinic.org says that eating four egg yolks or less on a weekly basis won’t increase a person’s risk for heart disease.

French Fries

  • is high cholesterol food due to the presence of hydrogenated vegetable oils
  • according to  the Harvard School of Public Health study on fats and cholesterol : “Partially hydrogenating vegetable oils makes more stable and less likely to spoil. It also converts the oil into a solid, which makes transportation easier. Partially hydrogenated oils can also withstand repeated heating without breaking down, making them ideal for frying fast foods,”

Red Meat

  • beef, lamb, and pork contain more cholesterol and saturated fat than other meats
  • it can contribute to an increase in your own cholesterol level
  • it make already existing heart disease worse

Cream Cheese

  • tastes great on a bagel or baked into a cake
  • cream cheese is another food high in cholesterol
  • one ounce of cream cheese can contain 27 mg of cholesterol.

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Stay thin and healthy …


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