How To Put Your Kids On The Right Way

We are all hard working parents ,what leave us very little time to teach our kids how to become fulfill individuals.

And when we do ,its very easy to instead of helping to do harm with our wrong behavior .

So I started reading all over the net ,you  can’t believe how many articles there are ,so I read and I read and finally I managed to make one short but helpful list of rules for parents.

So here we go:

Rule no 1:

Always encourage your kids to try new things end even if they suck in it they will learn something. It’s like when they learn to walk , failure is  a part of life and its better to teach our kids  how  to deal with it in a positive way .

Rule no 2:

Spoiling our kids and letting them go free without doing any chore is bad.I’m not saying that kids need to work but cleaning their room and putting their toys and books at the shells will teach them on order .

Rule no 3:
We all love our kids more than anything in the world and we are proud with every little thing they do .Well I read and completely  agree that over praising can do a damage.So we must know when to say WOW and when to say well that is ok.


Rule no 4:
Kinds need to spend their time playing and having fun with other kids .On that way they learn how to become social established person .So we must make sure that our kids spend some quality time with friends on their age.

Rule no 5:

This is the easiest rule to break and that is to be what you preach .We are all trying to teach our kids to be the best and what to do and not to do ,but most often I can hear my little girl saying :”Dad ,didn’t you said that we should not do that.” and then I have to think of thousands of excuses why I made that mistake .

And over all I can say love your kids with all your heart and let them be themselves because they are all unique and amazing.

Thanks for reading .



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