Ginger root is one of the healthiest  spices on the planet because is  loaded with nutrients and bio-active compounds that have powerful benefits for your body and brain.

Ginger is a part traditional kitchen in India and Asia.Today it’s also used as natural medicine that successfully treats  pain, nausea or indigestion.

The root or Rhizome,has phenolic structure .This makes it great for irritation solving in the digestive organs. More bile and saliva is created so  all the food and drinks are properly digested .

Study made on  24 people  that took 1.2 gram ginger powder proved that with consuming ginger  fast food is  process better .

 Root  of Ginger Can Be Consumed Raw, Dry, Powdered or as Juice
For  nausea from morning sickness or chemo,take 1+ 1.5 grams ginger daily.

Benefits of Ginger

A study made on  Georgia University  showed that  daily consuming of ginger reduced muscle aches up by 25%.

A research was made on  250 people with knee osteoarthritis .It showed that if people eat  ginger will have  less pain and will drink less painkillers.
A study was conducted for 45 days on 90 people with high cholesterol .It showed that 3 g ginger powder  can lower the cholesterol.

People with diabetes 2 should  take 2 g ginger powder daily .This is the best way to  lower the  sugar in your blood up to 10% reducing in only  12 weeks.

A high sugar level lead to  problems with your  heart.If you  eat ginger you ill also reduce heart problems by 10%.

A study made on  60 year old women, showed that ginger can improve .The  reaction timing and memory for work and improve  brain function.

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Stay healthy and keep it organic …live happy plain live!


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