Coca Cola Can Do the Work

Coke or “Coca-Cola” is beverage that even-thought is unhealthy as all soda drinks are we all love and have a bottle in our home .
His taste attacks us like flies especially in the summer .

I say it is unhealthy and there you have it every-time I am in a store I buy a bottle ,funny right …

Well recently on the net I read about the good side of coke and how it can be use for good in our homes so I decided to try this list I found of 19 ways to use . I am on the #15 on the list and for now they all worked.

That is why I decided to reshape this list with you so here they are :

– rub blood stains with coke so your clothes will stay spotless .

– polish pennies,simply soak ,let them sit for a while and then rub and dry .

– clean the toilet bowl
– pour some coke inside
– let it act for a while
– flush.

– rub the grease stains on any fabrics to easily remove it.

– pour some coke on the oil stains in the garage
– then hose off.

– in the garden use it to kill slugs and snails .

– to eliminate the rust stains from your pool simply pour Coke in the pool, and let it act for few minutes.

– soak an aluminum foil in Coke and use it to remove rust and rusty bolts.

– pour some Coke to clean the car battery terminals.

– simple way to remove a gum stuck in your hair
– dip it in some Coke and keep it for 2 minutes
– this way the gum will fall right off and you get to keep your hair .

– remove paint from your metal furniture
– dip a towel in it
– apply coke on the paint stains and the problem is solved .

– pour Coke on the kitchen floor
– let it act
– wipe it to clean the tile grout.

– wash your hair with coke to fade or remove the hair dye.

– polish chrome
– apply some Coke and rub with aluminum foil.

– cleaning the stains off vitreous china
– apply and clean with towel

– remove marker stains from carpet
– put some Coke and scrub
– clean with soapy water and the marker stains are gone .

# 17
– this is more as a test of its acidity
– dissolve a tooth
– put a tooth in a sealed container filled with Coke
– let it sit for a longer time,
– it will dissolve .

– clean your pans
– soak them in Coke,
– let them sit for some time
– rub and rinse
– burnt marks are gone .

– clean engines
– this is more for my husband use.

And now I still buy coke but not for drinking … well maybe a sip ,I am only human after all .


Have more uses … add them up in the comment below …


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