The Best Is Homemade

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Light magazine for 2 decades provides America with recipes and tips and now on a YouTube channel and Facebook page and an Instagram account so the world can watch video tutorials of the magazine’s most popular recipes.

She Just Needs A Cleaning .Learn How!!!

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If you have problem with your iron first look at the steam vents they might be clogged with calcium buildup and bits and pieces picked up from clothing but here is an easy, cheap solution that takes only minutes to perform.

Pallet Flooring That You Can Do

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The perfect choice we say.Here we will show you one amazing pallet floor project made by one very creative family. They put a lot of work and efforts but the result is totally worth it.

Cool Ways To Organize Your Bedroom

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If you are sharing your room with another member of the family then you may have a lack of space .That will make you lose things often and you just feel that you can’t organize yourself and your things.

Trendy twist on turkey day

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If you are the host then try to wow they with our unique food , drink ideas, and bountiful fall-themed decorations with a warm and welcoming harvest feel.